Queen/Led Zeppelin Tribute

November 24, 2018

 Queen has always been an influential and inspiring band for me, as I'm sure many people would agree. Bohemian Rhapsody is unmatched musical genius, We Are The Champions is the soundtrack to all my victories, We Will Rock You motivated me through my toughest times, Somebody To Love made my teenage self want a boyfriend, and I could go on forever. I had grown up listening to this music, as well as Led Zeppelin's, Stairway To Heaven, with my father. Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven are perhaps my two favorite songs from these iconic bands, and I had always wondered what they might sound like combined into one cohesive song. I came up with this idea while humming both songs in my head, and after changing a couple keys and getting into the recording studio to show Michael Lloyd; we worked together to create this version. I couldn't have brought my vision to life without the talented Laurence Juber playing the guitar, Michael Lloyd for believing in my artistic vision, and Ron Carlson for filming and editing this video! 

After we made this tribute video, I found out about the upcoming Queen movie set to release in November. I took this as a sign from above that Queens' music is still thriving and that I should share my tribute in honor of such a legendary band. It's great to see so many people still listening too and supporting great music from our past as well as appreciating the music being created for our future.

I hope you enjoy this soft, acoustic song and go support the Queen movie while it's out in theaters! 

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